• Hi my name is Patrick Hustad!


    I was born and raised in Southern California. I moved to Costa Rica when I was 19 and built a hotel in Playa Hermosa. I designed and managed the entire project from beginning to sell.


    I met my wife and we had our first son in Costa Rica, this is when I knew I had a bigger purpose . I realized I would dedicate my career to Technology because it was the future.


    We packed up our stuff and moved straight back to California. We rented a home in the heart of Silicon Valley Palo Alto and I enrolled in every tech course available at Stanford University. With the thirst of building something special I attended every startup event and interned at AOL - Palo Alto with a company called Startup Grind.


    Since then the company has grown from one city to over 300 cities worldwide. Let's just say I had a good play in that growth.We interviewed CEO's of successful tech companies to inspire entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and investors around the world. From there we moved back to Southern California where I would run the second chapter at AOL - Beverly Hills.


    Working with so many successful tech CEO's, it was only natural I started my own company. Within a few months I built a team, an MVP and raised $500,000. We failed . With the taste of building software and getting attention from investors, we began working on another startup and launched it into the app store.


    After being a Project Manager and UX Designer for 6 years, I decided to take my career further and attend the University of California - Irvine to become a Full Stack Developer.


    Fast forward 1.5 years , I have been programming and using several different technologies including HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Flexbox, Mongo, Sql and found a love with React / React Native, Python and AWS Lambda, S3.


    I am currently working with one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world, Fast Field and finishing a few side projects to keep my development skills relevant. 

  • Projects Currently in Progress

    M Y S T O R Y A - P L A E D . I O - S N A C K M O B S - S O C I A L T E E - H O M E S C O - W O R L D S



    M y s t o r y a | C o o l s

    Founder. Designed entire interface for mobile and web application, built development and marketing team and currently building in React Native, Node and AWS to launch MVP in iOS and Android.


    P L A E D > I O

    Designed entire interface for mobile and web application, built development and marketing team and currently building in React Native, Node and AWS to launch MVP in iOS and Android.

    S o c i a l T e e C l u b

    Designed entire interface for web application, built development and marketing team and currently building in C#, Razor, .NET, MVC, AWS and using Instagram API through Facebooks Graph API to launch MVP in iOS and Android.

    S N A C K M O B S


    Designed and built with a third party ecommerce platform and integrated a third party subscription plugin from POWR.IO to take in monthly payments. Works and scales on web and mobile .


    Founder. Researched and designed concept. Working on Ux and Ui, building team to implement Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, building team for project MVP in React Native, Python and AWS.


    Researching and designing concept for a world foundation to take on the worlds issues to make Earth a better place for future foundations. Proceeds from all projects will go to funding this non profit through parent company MARS.JS. And no we will not try to figure out how to put life on other planets, but to clean up and fix the planet !

  • Finished Projects

    K E O I S - M A R S . J S - V O D L E G E N D S - J O N E S E A - O L A H U L I - P L A E D I O 1



    Cofounder | Product Manager | UX Designer

    Mars Surfboards


    Web Designer. Third Party Platform.

    VOD Legends


    UX Designer



    Web Designer. Third Party Platform.



    Web Designer. Third Party Platform.


    Cofounder | UX Designer



    UX Designer

    Las Brisas Resort


    Founder | Project Manager


  • Education



    Stanford University

    Palo Alto, Ca.


    Summer Tech Courses

    Entrepreneurship in Technology


    Attended Investor Events, startup events, took courses in computer science, entrepreneurship, investment capital, product management, Web design and app Development.





    University of California

    Irvine, Ca.


    Full Stack Development Certification

    UI UX Design Certification


    Learned to use several design platforms like invision, unsplash. Discovered research methodologies to design high and low fidelity wireframes and mockups.


    Learned how to build software in HTML, CSS, Javascript with modern frameworks like React. Also used Node Js, Express and MongoDB.



    Startup Grind

    @ Google for Entrepreneurs





    Worked with founder setting up events and hosting fireside chats with successful CEO's of Silicon Valley's Top Tech Companies.


    Set up second location at AOL - Beverly Hills now here are over 250 locations worldwide.



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