• P a t r i c k H u s t a d


    F U L L S T A C K D E V E L O P E R &

      U X D E S I G N E R

  • Hello! My name is Patrick Hustad.

      I’m a Full Stack Web Developer & UX Designer.

    Born and Designed in San Clemente, California.


    I have worked with startups the last 5 years wearing several hats from Software Engineer to UX Designer to Product Manager to Raising Capital.

    I enjoy programming in the following languages:
    ( HTML , CSS , Javascript , Node.JS , React , Express , MongoDB , MySql and more )


    My other strong suits include : 


    Web Design ( shopify, wordpress, strikingly, squarespace )

    UI/ UX Design ( iOS Pages, Pixelmator, Unsplash, Wireframes, Systems Architecture )

    Social Media Manager ( Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter )

    Bilingual ( Fluent English and Spanish )



  • My Skillset


    HTML 5 + CSS

    2 years experience

    Bootstrap + Material UI

    2 years experience

    Javascript + Node

    2 years experience

    React + Angular

    2 years experience

    MongoDB + MySql

    2 years experience

    UI + UX Design

    5 years experience

    CMS Creation

    (all third party platforms)

    5 years experience


  • S o c i a l T e e C l u b

    Front End Developer + UX Designer

    (html , css, javascript, node, react, mongoDB, material UI)

    Irvine , California

    Social Ecommerce Platform that allows users to sell and buy their Instagram photos on t-shirts.

    website: https://socialteeclub.com


  • K e o i s

    Front End Developer + UX Designer

    (html , css, javascript, node, bootstrap, express, mysql)

    San Francisco , California

    Photo editing toolbar for Instagram available in the app store.

    website: https://keois.com


  • P l a e d i o

    UX Designer

    (html , css, javascript, bootstrap)

    San Clemente , California

    Streaming entertainment web + mobile application for music videos and action sports.

    website: https://plaedio.com


  • M y s t o r y a

    Full Stack Developer + UX Designer

    (html , css, javascript, node, express, mysql, bootstrap)

    Social Network to share your stories with your friends , family and the world.

    San Clemente , California

    website: coming soon


  • O l a h u l i

    Front End Developer

    (html, css, javascript, api's)

    Irvine , California

    A modern version of wikipedia with real time news and information .

    website: https://olahuli.com


  • L a s B r i s a s R e s o r t

    Owner / Manager

    (builder, manager, professional surfer)

    Bed and Breakfast Hotel nessled in the lush Costa Rican jungle on a world famous surf break .

    website: https://lasbrisasresortandvillas.com


  • html . css . javascript . node.js . react . angular . mysql . mongodb . express . aws .

  • My Education

    software engineering + design

    University of California

    Irvine, Ca.

    Social Media Certificate


    Form and optimize social networks : Linkedin , Facebook, Youtube, Instagram , Twitter.

    Designing and implementing a social media strategy, measuring ROI through analytics.



    University of California

    Irvine, Ca.





    Also worked with GitHub, Slack, Visual Studio Code.



    Startup Grind @ AOL


    Palo Alto, Ca



    Worked with founder setting up events and hosting fireside chats with succesful CEO's of Silicon Valley's Top Tech Companies.


    Set up second location at AOL - Beverly Hills now here are over 250 locations worldwide.



  • instagram.com/pat_hustad

    My inspirations and experiences are what make my work UNIQUE !

    FAMILY . Surfing . Snowboarding and Coding .


    linkedin . email . iPhone .