• P a t r i c k H u s t a d



  • Hello! My name is Patrick Hustad.

    I was born and raised in Southern California till I had a dream to build a hotel in Costa Rica. After raising $700,000 I packed up moved to Latin America at age 19. As project Manager, I oversaw the entire design and construction till finish . Once finished I managed the property along with hosting surf tours for California Entrepreneurs.

    The longer time went on the bigger technology was growing and I found myself spending more and more time on my computer learning about this tech revolution that was about to happen.


    I met my wife and we had our first son after 6 years in Costa Rica, this is when I knew I had a bigger purpose . We sold the hotel , packed up our stuff and moved straight back to California. We rented a home in the heart of Silicon Valley , Palo Alto , and I enrolled in every tech course available at Stanford Universities summer continuing studies along with going to every startup event and interning anywhere that would take me. My new dream was to build the next big social network .


    My first internship was at AOL - Palo Alto with a company called Startup Grind. They interviewed CEO's of successful tech companies from the area to educate and inspire entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and investors from the area. After a year of working with the CEO of Startup Grind , I had a vision these great events could be in every big city worldwide . I told Derek that I am moving back to Southern California and I would run the second event at AOL in Beverly Hills. Startup Grind is now in over 300 cities worlwide!


    Working as an event host , it was only natural I started my own startup . Within a few months I built a team , an MVP and raised $500,000 from an Investment group based out of Palm Beach , Florida. We finished Version 1 , launched and ran out of capital . My first failure as a entrepreneur. With the taste of success , we began working on another startup and launched into the app store . But no success . Then another startup and another .


    After working with engineers and designers for years, I found a passion in development . I started learning how to design then to code . This was when I decided to attend UCIrvine and began taking computer science classes then enrolling into several coding bootcamps learning the latest in programming technologies.


    Fast forward 1.5 years , I have been programming in several different languages from LAMP stack to the modern MERN stack and everything in between . I am working with one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world Fast Field Forms and finishing two social networks after I'm done working, taking care of three kids and spending time with my beautiful wife. The sky is the limit!




  • My Skillset


    Project Management

    mobile and web applications

    6 years experience

    UI + UX Design

    5 years experience

    HTML 5 + CSS3

    2 years experience

    Bootstrap + Flexbox

    2 years experience

    Javascript + Node

    2 years experience

    React + Redux

    1.5 years experience

    MongoDB + MySql

    1.5 years experience

    CMS Creation

    (all third party platforms)

    5 years experience

  • Fast Field Forms - Merge Mobile Inc.

    Sales/ Technical Support

    Data Collection Software for web, iOS and Android.

    Worked on Sales team setting up sales and on boarding process along with making calls, account management, on boarding , team meetings, running demos, working with marketing team aligning sales with new features.

    San Clemente , California



  • M A R S . J S

    Project Manager / Software Engineer

    (html , css, javascript, node, express, mysql, bootstrap , java , mongo , linux , apache , swift )

    Software team headquartered in Irvine, Clifornia

    Irvine , California



    Built team of designers and developers from the University of California Irvine. Now we build for ourselves and selected clients.

  • M y s t o r y a

    Founder / Software Engineer

    (html , css, javascript, node, express, mysql, bootstrap)

    Social Network to share your stories with your friends , family and the world.

    Irvine , California

    website: http://www.mystorya.com


    Designed entire platform (Ui|Ux) from idea to concept to MVP. Building mobile application for iOS in React Native.


    Mystorya Jumbo + Book Shelf



    Mystorya - Book Template

    Mystorya - Coming Soon

    Mystorya - Social Platform

  • P l a e d i o

    Cofounder / Product Manager / Project Manager

    (html , css, javascript, bootstrap, youtube API)

    San Clemente , California

    Streaming entertainment web + mobile application for music videos and action sports. Acquired by STACKS TV .

    website: https://stacksclothing.com/tv/


    Designed entire platform (Ui|Ux) from idea to concept to MVP.

  • K e o i s

    Cofounder/ Product Manager / Project Manager

    (html , css, javascript, node, bootstrap, express, mysql)

    San Francisco , California

    Photo editing toolbar for Instagram available in the app store.

    website: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/keois-free/id741540890?mt=8


  • Startup Grind - Google Entrepreneurs

    AOL - Palo Alto and Beverly Hills , California

    (Event Host)

    We interviewed CEO's of the top tech companies in Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach. Grew from one chapter to over 200 worldwide.

    website: https://startupgrind.com


  • O l a h u l i

    Full Stack Developer

    (html, css, javascript, bootstrap, youtube getty images wikiedia api's)

    Irvine , California

    A modern version of wikipedia with real time news and information .

    website: http://www.olahuli.com


    Designed and Built Olahuli with classmates in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and used Youtube, Getty Images and Wikipedia API's.

  • L a s B r i s a s R e s o r t

    Owner / Builder / Manager

    Playa Hermosa , Costa Rica

    Bed and Breakfast Hotel nessled in the lush Costa Rican jungle on a world famous surf break .

    website: https://lasbrisasresortandvillas.com


    Designed Hotel, Raised $700k to build and managed construction and hotel till we sold for profit.

  • html . css . javascript . node.js . react . angular . mysql . mongodb . express . aws .

  • My Education

    software engineering + design

    University of California

    Irvine, Ca.

    UI UX Design Certificate


    Learned to use several design platforms like invision, unsplash. Discovered research methodologies to design high and low fidelity wireframes and mockups.


    Worked with developers to implement designs into code.



    University of California

    Irvine, Ca.



    Programming in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, EXPRESS, NODE.JS, REACT, MySQL , MONGODB, Angular , Php , Java, Google's Go Lanuage and more.


    Also worked with GitHub, Slack, Visual Studio Code.



    Startup Grind @ AOL


    Palo Alto, Ca



    Worked with founder setting up events and hosting fireside chats with succesful CEO's of Silicon Valley's Top Tech Companies.


    Set up second location at AOL - Beverly Hills now here are over 250 locations worldwide.



  • instagram.com/pat_hustad

    My inspirations and experiences are what make my work UNIQUE !


    linkedin . email . iPhone .