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    Sales Strategy + Product & Technology | 2018-Present


    Working with Sales Director developing a marketing and sales channel to assist with continued rapid growth.


    Also working with President of the company who had a successful exit with CoreLogic to First American Title prior to Merge.




    TA at the University of Irvine Ux Bootcamp


    Assist the Professor in teaching the design theory, research , concepts, software and development to prepare the students into a career in Technology.

    I also started and hosted the "Talk CodeTuesday" event at UCI for the Full Stack students & alumni that Trilogy is duplicating across 43 campuses including Stanford, Harvard and Yale.

    In process of creating Trilogy X Incubator that will take winners of the demo days from all campuses and assist them in development and growth to become successful Technology companies.



    Berkshire Hathaway

    SVP Product & Technology | 2016-2017


    Worked with top brokers in the area learning the sales portion of the business and how they communicate and handle customers in the field so I could implement in "Project X" to continue developing cutting edge technology in how clients purchase and sell their homes. Researched all competitors in the market along with other technologies in several industries to be able to design a new platform that would allow us to change the industry standards in Commercial and Residential Real Estate.

    Once research was completed I developed the concept and designed the entire iOS and Android interface.



    Icons of Surf

    E-commerce & Marketing Manager | 2015-2017


    Decided to take a little break form the startup world for a few years and get back to my roots. The beach, surfing and family.

    At Icons of Surf I took on the role as the E-commerce Manager handling and driving sales from $500,000 to over a million in 2 years. I handled international sales from Japan, all over Europe, Hawaii and much more.

    On the marketing end I handled all social media, content creation, graphic design, managing our athletes and setting up and running events strategically to grow our social media following which in turn turned the channel into sales. Other marketing included Google ads, partnerships, trade shows, facebook ads, instagram ads and giveaways.



    Emporium Creative

    VP Product and Development | 2012-2017


    Vice President of Emporium Creative Agency handling all clients along with building teams and managing the product managers, designers, developers and marketing teams to successfully launch products under budget and within time frame given to clients.


    Overall saw the development of 8 mobile applications (iOS and Android) , 5 web applications, and one hardware wearable project.

    Emporium Creative took in over $6 million in sales over the first 5 years as a boutique design agency.




    Startup Grind

    Tech Event ​Organizer | 2011-2013


    Worked with founder setting up events and hosting fireside chats with successful CEO's of Silicon Valley's Top Tech Companies at the AOL Palo Alto Hq across from Stanford University.


    Had a vision that this event should be global so I moved down to Silicon Beach and set up the second Startup Grind location at AOL Beverly Hills now there are over 250 Startup Grind locations worldwide.



    Las Brisas Resort & Villas

    Construction Manager | 2005-2011


    At age 19, I designed the concept for a small boutique hotel located in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica home to the biggest surf event in Latin America and raised $1.2M for development.

    I negotiated the land price, hired architects and designed the property, built a construction team , bought all the materials and managed the project from start to finish. From there I designed the branding, setup partnerships with travel websites, built the website, hired the staff and managed the operation till we sold the project for profit.




    Pat Hustad CEO of lllsuperlll


    Ui Ux Designer


    Researched and designed concept. Working on Ux and Ui


    Pat Hustad CEO of Homesco


    Ui Ux Designer


    Researched and designed concept. Worked on Ux and Ui.



    Pat Hustad CEO of Snackmobs


    Ui Ux Designer


    Researched and designed concept. Working on Ux and Ui

    Pat Hustad CEO of Mystorya


    M y s t o r y a

    Ui Ux Designer



    Designed concept and entire Ui Ux and architecture for mobile and web application. Raised $500,000. Managed design , development and marketing teams along with communicated development timelines and execution to Investors.



    Pat Hustad Ux Ui Design


    P L A E D I O

    Ui Ux Designer


    Designed concept and Ui Ux for mobile and web application, managed development and marketing team. Acquired in 2015.

    Patrick Hustad



    ​Ui Ux Designer



    Researched and designed concept. Working on Ux and Ui, building team to implement Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, building team for project MVP in React Native, Python and AWS.



  • web design

    M A R S . J S - V O D L E G E N D S - J O N E S E A - O L A H U L I

    Pat Hustad Parent Company


    Web Designer.

    Patrick Hustad UCI project

    VOD Legends

    UX Designer

    Patrick Hustad web designer


    Web Designer.

    Patrick Hustad Front end development


    UX Designer

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  • Education



    Patrick Hustad Pat Hustad

    Stanford University

    Palo Alto, California (2013)


    Ui Ux Design Certificate


    Attended Investor Events, startup events, took courses in computer science, entrepreneurship, investment capital, product management. Took course certification in app design, user experience and user interface.





    Hootsuite University

    Online (2015)


    Social Media Marketing Certificate


    Learned the best practices needed to master the Hootsuite dashboard and all of its powerful features for effective social media marketing.

    Learned skills like composing and scheduling multimedia messages, listening for relevant conversations, creating relatable content and managing social media campaigns.



    Pat Hustad Education PAtrick Hustad

    University of California

    Irvine, California (2017)


    Full Stack Development Certificate


    Learned to use several design platforms like invision, unsplash. Discovered research methodologies to design high and low fidelity wireframes and mockups.


    Learned how to build software in HTML, CSS, Javascript with modern frameworks like React. Also used Node Js, Express and MongoDB.



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