• W O R K H I S T O R Y

      2 0 0 5 - P R E S E N T


      Raised $700k to build a hotel in Costa Rica and sold it for $1.2 Million in 3 years. Studied Technology at Stanford University, Hosted Startup Grind at AOL and raised $500k for a social platform. Worked as COO for a Design Firm in SF then moved back to Irvine to study Computer Science at UCI and got hired with Fastfield by the Founders of CoreLogic.


      F a s t f i e l d

      Software Account Executive | 2018-Present


      Working with key accounts understanding their business to properly integrate our software into their day to day operations in collecting important data. Then manage our clients for the life of their accounts retaining and managing their growth.



      A e l l a n

      VP | 2015-2017


      Worked with the CEOs of several startups understanding their goals, then designing and managing the development teams to execute their mobile and web applications from idea to iOS and Play Store.



      E m p o r i u m

      VP Product and Development | 2012-2015


      VP of Emporium Creative Agency handling all clients along with building teams and managing the product managers, designers, developers and marketing teams to successfully launch products under budget and within time frame given to clients.


      Overall saw the development of 8 mobile applications (iOS and Android) , 5 web applications, and one hardware wearable project.





      S t a r t u p G r i n d

      Event Manager | 2011-2013


      Worked with founder setting up events and hosting fireside chats with successful CEO's of Silicon Valley's Top Tech Companies at the AOL Palo Alto Hq across from Stanford University.


      Had a vision that this event should be global so I moved down to Southern California and set up the second Startup Grind location at AOL Beverly Hills now there are over 300 chapters worldwide.



      L a s B r i s a s R e s o r t

      Owner | 2006-2011


      Raised $700k to build a hotel in Playa Hermosa Costa Rica. Negotiated land price, hired architects, designed the property and managed the project from start to finish.


      Branded project, setup travel partnerships, built the website, hired the staff and managed the operations till we sold the project for $1.2M .



    • P A S T

      P R O J E C T S

    • l l l s u p e r l l l



      A new social platform for GenZ.


      H o m e s c o



      A real estate ecommerce platform.

      M y s t o r y a



      Big Data AI platform to collect the world's stories.

      W o r l l d s



      Connecting the world's issues on one platform.

      P l a e d i o



      A streaming entertainment application for iOS.

    • E d u c a t i o n


    • UC - Irvine

      Irvine, California (2002 - 2006)

      Computer Science Degree


      Theory of computation, fundamentals of computer science, compliers and operating systems, information theory, basic programming, systems and architecture, software development and testing, web applications and databases, algorithms and data structures



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